Tuesday, August 05, 2014


I feel like this skirt has some sort of "photographic power" because whenever I wear it, the lighting always seems to co-operate. Not only that, but it's also incredibly soft, comfortable and fun to spin around in! This outfit is a perfect example of something I would wear to the markets or somewhere relaxed and very casual. As much as I love to get ready for events and things like that, it's nice to just throw on a tee, skirt and push back my hair with some sunglasses (as well as protect my eyes... that's what they were made for after all!). Life has been crazy, hence the completely inconsistent blogging on my part. You know how I said "Don't worry, term 3 won't break me"? Well, I was kinda wrong on that note. I kinda fell apart at school today. Tears and everything. One day, I would really like to have total control over my emotions because at the moment, fragility is completely unideal. Hopefully things will be better soon. 

*If you're going through a horrid time or whatever, something that has been helping me lately is the quote*
"Not every day is good, but there's something good in every day"

I've had some absolutely wonderful/ hilarious moments over the last week and it's definitely nice to think of them. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014


On Wednesday I got an email from a reader asking me what to wear in a work place... something appropriate for the office but also not completely boring, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect because I came home the same afternoon to a package from Popbasic with all the answers! Blush pink and black is not only a flattering colour match for many skin tones, but it's also appropriate for the work place. What I like most about this outfit (aside from that fact that there's pink in it...) is its versatility and the many options available to dress it down or up depending on the occasion. 

I hate to rush things but I have a large pile of homework that seems to have developed a pair of beady eyes; it's glaring at me and it can only mean two things: I'm extremely sleep deprived (plausible) or things are due very soon and I am going to get behind if I don't start now (also plausible). Goodnight and have a nice weekend xo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Oasap top and bag, Kmart skirt, Forever New belt and earrings, Rubi shoes

Greetings internet! How are you all? Things in my life have improved considerably since the stress and exhaustion at the start of the week. I've been pretty sick and aside from the soccer triumph, have been feeling beyond lousy and less than motivated. It's definitely been a test of whether or not I can pick myself up and dust off and I think I've done okay. The afternoon walks, earlier bed times (and reading instead of phone usage at night) has definitely helped and I'm starting to feel less overwhelmed, exhausted and sad. Mood swings are so weird; one minute you feel as though your whole world has swallowed you whole and then next minute, you feel as though you're on top of the world. 
Today's outfit is something I think I will wear to the university Open Day I'll be attending in the next few weeks. Next year's ambitions of moving away to study are becoming a reality and I've started planning ahead and hopefully I'll be certain on a course soon. I liked the way this outfit made me feel; well-dressed, well educated and as if I have my life in control. Unfortunately I still haven't reached the latter stage yet as I still feel like a lost, naive sheep on their first day of school, but hey! There's still time. 
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week xo

Monday, July 21, 2014

diary XIV // creative ideas and winter outfits

A few little things to do if you're bored: brighten up your room with some flowers in a glass bottle! it's easy, inexpensive and very pretty, make cupcakes with passionfruit and white chocolate (recipe courtesy of my friend Belle; they're so good), and play around with double exposure on photoshop! I'm still a rookie, but it was fun putting these pictures together all the same. 

Happy Monday! Sorry it's been so long since the last update - school has officially started again and I've hit the ground running (literally). It's been very busy the last few days with school work, social events and other things but it's nice to finally sit down and write for you guys and for myself. Today I went a little (OK, a lot) out of my comfort zone and joined the school soccer team because a) I've been testing out this whole 'yes' way of life similar to the move Yes Man where I don't say no to opportunities and b) I just kinda thought it would be fun. 
In all honesty, I was freaking out so much about it because sport is not something I am very well acquainted with; I generally stick to the half hour runs after school each day and that's that. Hand-eye coordination is a little rusty. Anyway, soccer was a grand success, I had a blast and our team won our first game. I am absolutely exhausted but it was great because the only thing I was thinking about was the ball. Sometimes I think pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone (or in this case, completely knocking them down), leaves you feeling like you've made a huge difference to your confidence/ well being and your attitude to everything else. I didn't want to participate today; I felt sick and I was moody, but as soon as the ball went into play I just forgot about everything and had a good time. I learnt something new about myself today. 

Here are some Winter/ Spring outfits! I've been experimenting with layers a little more this Winter and I'm loving the result. It's so much fun throwing different textures, shapes and patterns together. I love the pastels and the pop of red lipstick in the first outfit, the "horse riding" chic inspired jacket in the second outfit and the relaxed 90s feel of the third outfit. 

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

fence sitter

Temt sweater, Boohoo skirt

I was trying to come up with a witty and clever title for this post... and "Coral Floral" and "Spode Mode" came into the conversation with Izzy (whom is sitting directly across from me) and after a fair bit of laughter at how lame those titles sounded, I finally came up with a title that relates to this post (because I am perched precariously on a fence...) and also my life: Fence Sitter. That is my philosophical contribution to the world for today. Thank you. 
Today was spent at my friend Belle's house; we baked cupcakes whilst reminiscing about high school life (we thought it was appropriate considering we finish in just over four months!), talking about boys, watching High School Musical (see a pattern here?), danced around in heels and then took some pretty photos in the afternoon light. One of my favourite things about the holidays is spontaneous catch-ups with my close friends; it seems to ease the sting of returning to school in a matter of days considerably. 
I was wearing a very Wintry/ Spring outfit in my friend Belle's field! This lovely skirt is from Boohoo and the sweater was an emergency borrow from Belle's closet due to the single digit temperatures (not really single digit, but definitely felt like it!). 
I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the week - I go back to school in five days and it's Term 3, which is otherwise known as "the killer", "the term from hell", and... THE ONE THAT BREAKS YOU. Don't worry, it won't break me. I'm a strong, independent white woman that can juggle her academic life with her social life perfectly.*